An Innovative
Health Network Platform
of e-Prescribing!

Intuitive educational tools

To provide intuitive educational tools to physicians and patients for learning about medical cannabis and its viability as a treatment option.

Clinical guidelines and support

To equip physicians with the most up-to-date clinical guidelines and support network so they an prescribe and monitor cannabinoid treatment plans with confidence.

Securely transmit medical documents

To fully optimize the patient registration securely and electronically to transmit original medical documents and registration forms to Licensed Producers.

Connect in the health ecosystem

To connect LP’s patients, doctors, medical record, pharmacists, insurance companies in the health ecosystem.


bring Skillsets and
Technologies that will help
Medical Prescriptions stay Safe!

These IT tools enjoy a reputation already recognized by the medical community such as Vigilance Santé and incorporate evidence-based approach for cannabis in medicine.

KRx provides powerful software tools that will make prescribing easier for physicians.

These professional tools can manage drug-drug interactions of cannabinoids with patient medications, their beneficial and their side effects, indications and diagnostics related to medical cannabis products.

I AM A Patient

Patient Portal will make it easier for patients to understand the benefits of medical cannabis products!

Patients will have effective IT tools to easily access their physicians and be able to order medical cannabis products easily and efficiently with all the necessary documents!


The world's first
patient-centric health ecosystem

The world’s first patient-centric health ecosystem addressing THC/CBD to reach the 70,000 doctors that do not prescribe medical cannabis in Canada

KRx connects seamlessly to existing EMRs (Electronic Medical Records)


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